Episode 134: What Is Space Safety?

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March 27, 2024
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About Episode 134

Space safety might start and finish with human safety, but how does safety run across the entire value chain – from launch to operations to reentry? How do norms of behavior, or technology advancements and economic prosperity play into maintaining the orbital environment?  How is The Aerospace Corporation’s Space Safety Institute responding to these challenges?  In this episode, Aerospace's Dr. Angie Bukley, Technical Fellow, explores these questions with Carissa Christensen, CEO and Founder of BryceTech, and CSPS Senior Advisor about these questions and sets the stage for moving forward together on space safety. 

This episode is part of the Center for Space Policy and Strategy's series on “Space Safety Through a Global Lens”. The series will cover a range of foundational topics on issues related to space safety from an international perspective, including:  

  • Space Weather, Satellites, & Human Safety
  • What Is Space Safety? 
  • International Cooperation with Europe 
  • ESA’s Zero Debris Policy 
  • International Launch Safety
  • In-Space Rescue