The Space Policy Show Series: Space Safety Through a Global Lens

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Space safety might start and finish with human safety, but safety is integral to the entire value chain – from launch to operations to reentry.  Space safety is mostly about human actions that can help ensure a usable, thriving space environment for the future, but it's also about planning for resiliency when things go wrong from solar flares to cyber threats.

A culture of safety grows from understanding that only together can we move forward in the exploration and business of space, and that safety needs to come from all sectors and from all space actors.

This 6-part series covers a range of foundational topics on issues related to space safety from an international perspective. The series runs Spring 2024.

  • How Stuff Works: Space Weather with Head of Space Weather at European Space Agency and Dr Paul O'Brien, Aerospace
  • What Is Space Safety? with Carissa Christensen, CEO and Founder of BryceTech, and Dr Angie Bukley, Aerospace and International Space University 
  • Science and Cooperation Against Debris with UK Space Agency's Chief Engineer, Andrew Ratcliffe, delegate to Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee (IADC) 
  • Europe Eyes Sustainable Space with Head of Space Safety at European Space Agency and Marlon Sorge, Aerospace 
  • The In-Space Rescue Gap with Dr Jan Osburg, RAND and Dr Grant Cates, Aerospace
  • 3-2-1 Launch to Safety with Nick Pearson, Rocket Lab and Robert Unverzagt, Aerospace

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138: 3-2-1 Launch to Safety

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137: The In-Space Rescue Gap

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136: Europe Eyes Sustainable Space

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135: Science and Cooperation Against Debris

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134: What Is Space Safety?

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133: How Stuff Works: Space Weather, Satellites & Human Safety