Our independent, objective analyses provide the technical underpinnings and detailed analytics to support the development, deployment, and implementation of space policy and strategy.

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Space Policy Archive

The Center for Space Policy and Strategy has compiled an extensive collection of current and historical documents on U.S. and international space policy, law, and regulation. You can browse or search for these documents by Presidential Administration, origin, subject, and other criteria.
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Strategic Foresighting

The Strategic Foresighting Team within The Aerospace Corporation's Center for Space Policy and Strategy (CSPS) is dedicated to expanding and advancing the futures mindset for an abundant space enterprise. Through systematic approaches in thinking about possible futures, we help empower decision-makers to shape aspirational futures starting today.
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Space Policy Primer

Key concepts and common nomenclature for thinking about space, an overview of international space law, and key questions confronting the United States and other countries today are discussed in this second edition of the space policy primer. It also provides a brief sketch of how the U.S. government is organized to address these difficult space policy questions and touches on the rationales for investing in space activities. While this primer by no means has touched on every important concept, rationale, actor, or issue, it hopefully makes a small contribution to the discussion on how the United States, and the world, moves ahead in space.
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The Space Policy Show

The Space Policy Show is produced by The Aerospace Corporation’s Center for Space Policy and Strategy. It is a virtual series covering a broad set of topics that span across the space enterprise. The Show brings together experts from within Aerospace, the government, academia, business, nonprofits, and the national labs. These webcasts and their podcasts are an opportunity to learn about and to stay engaged with the larger space policy community. Register for our upcoming shows and browse our previous episodes to see more. And don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list for the latest in your inbox.

Space Agenda 2021

From evolving adversary threats to game-changing technologies to emerging commercial capabilities, the space enterprise is in an era of rapid change. This moment presents countless opportunities to shape the future of space. Challenges will have to be addressed, whether it’s managing space traffic and orbital debris, integrating new commercial operators or preparing for a new era of contested space.

Space Agenda 2021, is a series of papers highlighting issues already at the forefront of U.S. space policy or are likely to emerge in the coming years. Each paper serves as a chapter in the full Space Agenda 2021 report, offering concise backgrounds, astute analyses, and potential options to aid government decisionmakers, industry leaders and other space stakeholders.