Episode 118: The Season of Space Sustainability

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June 28, 2023
6:59am - 7:00am
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About Episode 118

There is little argument as to the importance of keeping space usable – both government and industry leaders continue to weigh in at the 5th annual Summit for Space Sustainability.  Proponents of sustainability for space have traditionally looked at the environment as crowded, with great attention given to space traffic coordination, debris mitigation and norms of operations.  How is the definition of space sustainability expanding? Will non-binding agreements be enough or is regulation inevitable?  How important is the role of industry and what are key players saying? How do we measure success across the sector?

Watch this episode with (4) short interviews featuring Mark Dickenson (Vice President, Viasat), Carolyn Belle (Director, Astroscale US), Mark Mozena (Vice President, Planet Labs), and Krystal Azelton (Director, SWF).  

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The entire event can be viewed on YouTube, hosted by Secure World Foundation.