David Livingston's The Space Show: Broadcast 3547

We welcomed Dr. Michael Gleason to the program for a one segment 92 minute discussion regarding his paper, "The Value of Space."  I urge you to download it per the above URL.  In addition, the paper and this Space Show program would make for a good discussion as well as educational lesson for those of you staying home, working from home, teaching your kids at home, all because of sheltering in place behavior due to Covid-19.  Dr. Gleason's work is certainly educational, informative and entertaining, plus his descriptions of valuable space services during the interview enhance his written work.

We started the program by asking Dr. Gleason for his working definition of space value per his paper (along with his co-authors).  Dr. Gleason was quick to point out that the paper was not a market study for space, commercial space or anything like that.  Instead, he talked about the value of space being the value space brings to us in our everyday life plus to our nation and the world.  He continued to elaborate on the definition during this enhanced introductory part of the program so be sure to listen carefully.  In addition, he explained that their paper did not focus on the space challenges, problems, risks, or areas of fragility.  Instead, they focused on where space matters and what can be done using space.  That said, several times during the discussion both listeners and I brought up vulnerabilities which our guest did address.  As part of the introduction, I asked if the topics listed in the paper were listed in order of priority.  He said no, they ended up being listed alphabetically.  Don't miss all of what he said on this topic.

Full article available at: www.thespaceshow.com