Episode 123: Workforce, Workforce, Workforce

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August 30, 2023
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About Episode 123

How does the US Space Force attract the right talent?  In addition to STEM, what other skills are needed in our Guardians? What’s unique about the defense space workforce and how does it compete? Aerospace’s Colleen Stover (Center for Space Policy & Strategy) and Lina Cashin (National Security Space Programs Policy & Oversight) speak to Col Stuart Pettis, USAF (Ret), Director of STEM Education Programs at Air & Space Forces Association on what his organization is doing to build the next generation. 

Available by video or podcast.

This episode is part of a Center for Space Policy series on Contested Space. This series will cover a range of foundational topics impacting the protection of the space domain in order to maintain freedom of action for all space actors.

Additional topics will include:

  • Strategy and doctrine w/ Lt. Gen. DeAnna Burt, USSF
  • History of strategy
  • Cyber for space
  • How defense works in space
  • Commercial space