The Space Policy Show Series: Contested Space

Contested Space Playlist


While no one wants war to extend to space, leaders must still plan for how to keep space safe, secure, and sustainable for all actors. The series covers a range of foundational topics affecting the protection of space against aggression in order to maintain freedom of action for all users. 

The Contested Space Series ran late summer of 2023 and is accessible through both video and by podcast. The full video playlist is available on YouTube here.

  • Defense strategy and doctrine Lt Gen DeAnna Burt (USSF Chief Operations Officer) and Jean Michael (General Manager, Space Systems Operations, Aerospace Corp.)

  • Historical overview of strategy Aerospace experts Dr Mick Gleason and Robin Dickey (Center for Policy & Strategy) 

  • Cyber security for space Aerospace experts Samuel Visner (Aerospace Technical Fellow and Vice Chair, Space ISAC) and Dr Kimberly King (Senior Cyber Engineer), and Lori Gordon (Office of Corporate Chief Engineer) 

  • How Stuff Works in space Aerospace experts Kristen Kolarik (Combat Power & Battle Management), Britany Washburn (Mission Analysis & Operations), and Colleen Stover (Center for Space Policy & Strategy) 

  • Workforce for the future Col Stuart Pettis, USAF (Ret), Director of STEM Education Programs at Air & Space Forces Association,  Lina Cashin (Aerospace’s National Security Space Programs Policy & Oversight), and Colleen Stover (Center for Space Policy & Strategy)

  • Commercial policymaking Dr Ezinne Uzo-Okoro (Assistant Director for Space Policy at the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy), and Barbara Braun (Chief Engineer’s Office, Aerospace Corp.)

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Ep.119 Operating as a Team

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Ep.120 Continuity & Change

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Ep.121 Cyber Defense

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Ep.122 How Stuff Works

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Ep.123 Workforce!

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Ep.124 Commercial Policymaking