Outpacing the Threat With an Agile Defense Space Enterprise

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Relying on undefended, exquisite systems worked while space was a sanctuary, but potential adversaries have come to recognize U.S. dependence on high-value space assets and are actively seeking to deny our access, turning space into a warfighting domain. This paper describes how to transform the defense space enterprise into an agile architecture through four key actions, referred to collectively as Project Thor.

Project Thor was created by The Aerospace Corporation to provide recommendations for outpacing the threat in space and aligning the space enterprise to the new National Defense Strategy. Aerospace remains committed to applying its technical depth and domain breadth to help lead the transformation into a new paradigm, applying unique tools and deep expertise to the evaluation of the space enterprise against an evolving threat — both today and into the future.

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Authors: David Hebert, Karen Jones, Russell Rumbaugh