Report: Wars putting satellites at risk

Wars and international conflicts are increasingly targeting orbiting satellites, says a report from Aerospace Corp.

The report says that as space-based services become ever more integrated with life and society on Earth, the international community will have to consider how commercial actors affect and are affected by crisis and conflict in space. Unfortunately, there are already plenty of examples of deliberate interference in satellites and their services.

Recent activity against satellite operators seems all-too deliberate. Other activity can include deliberate jamming of satellite signals and there have been plenty of examples of jamming in and around the Middle East, for example.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX donation of hardware and satellite modems to Ukraine saw an immediate counter response from Russia. ViaSat and Eutelsat suffered deliberate interference when on February 24th Russian hackers targeted Ka-Sat which meant significant damage to users and their ground-based networks. In May, intelligence reports from the US, UK, and the EU confirmed that the Kremlin was behind the attack on the Ka-Sat craft.

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