2021 Lunar Development Conference

Dr. James Vedda was a featured speaker at the 2021 Lunar Development Conference on 09 July. The virtual conference brought together a community of lunar science and lunar settlement advocates to discuss all aspects of lunar development. Speakers from the areas of lunar science, space policy, advocacy, business, and academia were featured. Dr. Vedda’s remarks were focused on the development of cislunar architecture with emphasis on infrastructure requirements and the possible costs associated with such an endeavor. He emphasized the role that the private sector might play, particularly if a strong business case can be made. He pointed out that we’ve not done enough research in a microgravity environment to begin to understand what might be possible and profitable. The “right” value metrics need to be determined. In the YouTube video, Dr. Vedda’s presentation begins at approximately the 54 minute mark. 

Full article available at: www.youtube.com