‘GEOINT Singularity:’ There’ll Be Nowhere For DoD To Hide

SPACE AND MISSILE DEFENSE SYMPOSIUM: America’s adversaries — and the general public — will soon be able to watch US troop movements, top secret weapons development and testing facilities (think Area 51), missile launch sites and nuclear laboratories as radical transparency is enabled by the nexus of commercial remote sensing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and 5G networks, a new study by the Aerospace Corporation concludes.

The study, obtained by Breaking Defense, posits a not-so-far-off future dubbed the “Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) Singularity” where “realtime Earth observations with analytics are available globally” to everyone including the average citizen. This will be made feasible by the convergence of the trends in “global connectiveness, commercial remote sensing from space, and advances in artificial intelligence (AI),” which “point toward a future where information and overhead imagery will become available to the general public in near realtime.”

Full article available at: breakingdefense.com