Episode 131: Servicing for Endurance

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December 13, 2023
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About Episode 131

Which commercial ISAM technologies offer military utility? How do these change the arena of contested space and deterrence? How will the future of Space Access, Mobility & Logistics (SAML) for national defense play into USSF’s competitive endurance framework?  Learn more in this episode with Aerospace Corporation's Margaux Hoar as she talks to Colonel Elvert Gardner, USSF, Director of Strategy, Policy, & Plans at US Space Force Headquarters. 

Available by video or podcast. 

This episode is part of a Center for Space Policy series on ISAM (in-space servicing, assembly, and manufacturing). The series covers a range of foundational topics regarding the current and future development efforts for an in-space economy based on ISAM technologies and missions.   

Topics in the series include: 

  • International standards-making 
  • How Stuff Works 
  • Extending capabilities with robotics 
  • Building US national collaboration 
  • International geo-economics 
  • Space Access, Mobility & Logistics (SAML)