Episode 96: Space Matters in the Arctic

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June 16, 2022
1:00pm - 2:00pm
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Eastern Time
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About Episode 96

As the Arctic region continues to warm, it is becoming more congested and contested.  Space domain awareness and space-based communications networks are playing an increased role in regional cooperation.  The US, Russia and other Arctic states are seeing more shipping and interest in natural resources, while non-Arctic states like China may also be seeking advantage. How do national space activities and geopolitics intersect in the region?  How do critical undersea data networks play a role in the world economy? Join our expert Samira Patel (Policy Analyst, The Center for Space Policy & Strategy) as she talks to Dr. Katarzyna Zysk (Professor, Norwegian Institute for Defense Studies), an expert in military activities and Russia in the Arctic, and Dr. Mia Bennett (Asst. Professor, University of Washington) who focuses on Chinese activities in the Arctic.