Episode 38: Funding Space: Investment Developments and Commercialization Trends

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October 22, 2020
1:00pm - 2:00pm
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About Episode 38

The Space Policy Show is pleased to be hosting Jason Rainbow, Group Editor-in-Chief of Finance Information Group, and Karen Jones, Senior Strategy and Policy Analyst at the Center for Space Policy and Strategy, as they discuss the future of satellite finance, including: major trends influencing satellite finance and how the global economy has affected fundraising activities. Is this the end of the golden age of space investments? The shock of a pandemic that has pushed the world to the brink of financial turmoil adds further uncertainty to a satellite market already grappling with emerging business models, technology disruption, a glut of communications capacity, a smaller GEO market and the potential for a big shakeout in LEO. Satellite industry stakeholders have been left wondering how investors will adjust their investment strategies in these uncharted waters. Tune in to learn more!