Episode 36: Sanctuary to Contested Domain: National Security Space Policy

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October 08, 2020
1:00pm - 2:00pm
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Eastern Time
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About Episode 36

How has national security space policy evolved over time, and what trends have lasted through history? Please join us for a discussion on how national policymakers have approached the space domain since the 1950s and how past policies and programs can inform today’s decisions and tomorrow’s outcomes.

We will be joined by special guests Robert Bell, NSC senior director for defense policy and arms Control in the Clinton administration, and General Lance Lord, commander of Air Force Space Command during the George W. Bush administration. For those interested in how the U.S. has and will respond to a “contested, congested, and competitive” space domain, this is a can’t miss event! Download the policy paper associated with this episode: The Rise and Fall of Space Sanctuary in U.S. Policy.